Genesis Angel -Scat Blogger,

Do you like Scat?

Have you ever thought about how good
it would taste to eat shit?

My story of how I started to love shit.

The truth is, I’ve always loved shit. The warm feeling of it all over my body makes me feel satisfied and complete. I want everyone to shit on me and I love dirty ass fucking.

And the quest for shit continues…

Genesis Angel

Top Fetish Sites

These are the best fetish porn sites that allow scat porn, piss, vomit, and more.

Scat Kings

Buy, sell, and watch premium and free movies that focuses on video quality. The only scat site you need. No strings attached.

Kink Book

The Ultimate fetish and kink social network for scat lovers. Kink Book is the best place to meet people just like me and you.

Genesis Angel

The homepage of our favorite non-binary scat performer. Genesis Angel a beautiful scat star that just likes to play with shit.

Reader’s Thoughts

I really love the scat porn selection at I have been into scat since I was young and I finally found a place to call home.

Scat Mistress

Truthfully, I think that Kink Book is the best fetish social network that I came across. It even lets me talk in real time with other kinky people. I am a real Kinkster.

Scat Eater

Genesis Angel is so nice. I met them in person and the attitude and personality takes the cake. I would love to eat shit with Genesis any day of the week.

Scat Enthusiast